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Lean companies substantially improve their products and services

while at the same time reducing waste and corresponding

costs.Successful implementation of a lean improves an

organization’s marketplace and financial performance.

Lean efforts are not limited to manufacturing; a lean mindset

applies to any process. Lean techniques can be used to reduce

waste and add value to processes in the office, in maintenance,

and even in sales and R&D. In some cases, the impact of a lean

approach in the office can be even more dramatic than in



Learning Objectives

To understand the basic concepts, tools and practices of Lean

To learn tactical skills for implementing lean at specific process

To be able to explain the lean concepts to the team

To be able to apply lean principles to different process settings



Multimedia lecture

Quiz, with correct answers and explanations for the wrong


Discussion forum for engaging in dialogue with other


Course Content 

1) Kaizen

What is Kaizen?

What is the goal of Kaizen?

What is Kaizen most applicable to?


2) One-Piece Flow

What is One-Piece Flow?

What are the advantages of One-Piece Flow?

3) Jidoka

What is Jidoka?

What are the principles of Jidoka?

4) Poka Yoke

What is Poka Yoke?

Why use Poka Yoke?

5) Visual Management

What is Visual Management?

What is the goal of Visual Management?

6) Kanban

What is Kanban?

7) Demand Management

What is Demand Management?

The goal of Demand Management:

8) Heijunka

What is Heijunka?

9) Just in Time

What is Just in Time?

What is the history of Just in Time?

10) Takt Time

 What is Takt Time?

11) Bottleneck Analysis


What is a Bottleneck?

The goal of Bottleneck Analysis?

12) Andon

What is Andon and its application?

13) Gemba

What is Gemba?

How is Gemba implemented?

14) Hoshin Kanri

 What is Hoshin Kanri?

What are the 7-steps of Hoshin Kanri?

15) Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

What is OEE?

What is the goal of OEE?

16) Cellular Manufacturing

What is Cellular Manufacturing?

What are the benefits of Cellular Manufacturing?

17) Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement?

What are the benefits of Continuous Improvement?

18) Total Productive Maintenance

What is Total Productive Maintenance?

How is Total Productive Maintenance implemented?

19) Total Quality Management

What is Total Quality Management?

What are the principles of Total Quality Management?

20) Root Cause Analysis

What is Root Cause Analysis?

What are the main principles of Root Cause Analysis?

21) Value Stream Mapping

What is Value Stream Mapping?

What is Value Stream Mapping used for?

22) Continuous Flow

What is Continuous Flow?

What are the benefits of Continuous Flow?

No time wasted.

23) Lean Audit

What is a Lean Audit?

How is a Lean Audit implemented?

24) Quick Changeover

What is Quick Changeover?

What are the benefits of Quick Changeover?

25) Right First Time

What is Right First Time?

How is Right First Time implemented?

26) 7 Wastes

What is 7 Wastes?

What are the 7 Wastes?

27) Six Big Losses

What is Six Big Losses?

What are the Six Big Losses?

28) SMART Goals

What is SMART Goals?

29) KPIs

What are KPIs?

What are some common manufacturing KPIs?

Some common manufacturing KPIs include:


30) The 5S Method

What is The 5S Method?

What does each “S” stand for?

31) SMED

What is SMED?

What are the main principles of SMED?

32) A3 Problem Solving

What is A3 Problem Solving?

How is A3 Problem Solving implemented?

33) PDCA

What is PDCA?

When is PDCA used?

What are the PDCA steps?

34) Standardized Work

What is Standardized Work?

What does Standardized Work improve?

35) 5 Whys

What is 5 Whys?

What are the rules surrounding 5 Whys?

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