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= Improve quality (bug-free) of the IT product/service.

= Reduce quality defects (scrap/rework) in manufacturing processes.

= Reduce manufacturing cycle time (time of order to delivery)

= Improve employee efficiency (productivity)

= Reduce finished goods inventory levels

= Improve customer service performance and satisfaction scores

= Improvement of average productivity

= Reduce cost of manufacturing & assembly (supplier component costs)

= Reduce maintenance costs (better processes)

= Reduce warranty costs for products.

= Reduce the cost of non quality.

= Reduce non-value added activities (manufacturing steps)

= Improve equipment utilization (improve throughput)

= Reduce work-in-process inventories between processes

= Improve inspection procedures (sampling techniques)

= Reduce time to meet customer requirements

= Reduce time to develop new products.

= Improve workplace organization

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