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  • I want to make  my child independent
  • I want to make my child more successful
  • I want to increase  my child concentration
  • I want to make my child a better decision maker
  • I want to make my child a doctor
  • I want to make my child an engineer
  • I want to make my child a good administrator
  • I want my make child to develop life skills
  • I want my child to  get high marks


If you think any of the above about your child

Then make him  a



If you want your child to have a successful life, you should teach them how to handle failures more than achieving success in life. There are some general skills all successful people should master, and you can learn them at any age. The earlier in life your kid starts practicing them, the easier their life would be in the future.

Some of the most basic entrepreneur skills we teach your kid are


Life is full of set backs and getting a thick skin is essential for

getting on in everyday life

2.Innovation and creativity

they should be made to think and do whatever they like without any hindrance


To build a strong work ethics kids need to learn value of hard work


Being curious about how the world works is precursor to the way the world works

5. self-confidence,

Believing in oneself provides the push to take risks and go through

6. Empathy,

being able to help and support others establishes positive connections

7. optimism

Being a model of optimism confers social and health advantages

8 . The beauty of giving back.

Becoming a true visionary wanting to make world better for

everyone not themselves.


Focus subjects


Personality development/Motivation/Industries/Team work/sports/pyschology


·         Videos

·         Games

·         Activities

·         Projects

·         Stories

·         Pictures

·         Exercises

              No theory  and only practical teaching at school level to facilitate better learning



·         Wide exposure all industrial trends

·         Self motivating capability

·         Time management

·         Target oriented approach

·         Better managing capability

·         Better focus in career selection

·         Weekly intense course improves performance

·         Ability to work in teams

·         Understand business environment efficiently

·         Helps to understand people minds

·         Better update on technology

·         Ability to face challenges in life.

·         Better concentration in studies




     Course outline


       The  child entrepreneur course is designed as a  monthly 5 hour programme  for 2 years for 7th, 8th 9th and 10th , 11th and 12 th students .

Each  month there would be two  21/2 hrs every fortnight .

Each 21/2 hr session is designed with Five categories –

1.Qualities needed  for  an  entrepreneur

2.Exposure to  the Industrial knowledge

3.Project Planning  and Execution

4. Career planning and development

5.Life skills management


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