I want to learn

31Mar 2017

I want to learn


I was taught about numbers but don’t how  to use those numbers in my life.

I was taught about letters but don’t know how to use letters in my life

I was taught about formulas but don’t know successful formula for my life.

I was taught about my country but know how to live successfully in this country

I was taught about my environment  but  feel non existent in  this environment

I was taught everything in my life except about my life.

I was taught  everything to my mind except about my mind.

I was taught about  everything  but  looks nothing .

I was taught to get   high marks but not  high  value.

 I was taught only  to write what I read but not to follow what I read.

I was taught to win but not to handle failures.

I was taught to speak  but by making me dumb.

I was taught to write but by making me handicapped

I was taught to see but by making me blind

I was taught to hear but by making me deaf.

I was taught to live but by making me die.

I was taught when I want to  learn.

When I questioned why iam not allowed to learn

They said

Iam very small, Iam very childish, Iam immature , I cannot understand  to learn.

 I was   perceived  to be mature  when you  taught me   those numbers, letters, formula

But  I was  perceived  to be immature  when I want  to understand  those numbers and letters .

Let me learn .

Let me ,make others learn.

Let me win 

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